After finishing college (I graduated with an engineering degree), I started my professional career in a small company producing small electric motors. I began in the production planning department in August 2000. It was my first time using SAP, and back than it was an amazing experience. (Almost like magic, because I had been interested in computers and programming since childhood.) After three years I was promoted to production manager. Everything my colleagues and I were learning was taught through word of mouth (i.e. knowledge transfer from other colleagues in the head office) and their training course was inadequate. As a result, our implementation of PP and MM SAP modules was also inadequate. I was very unsatisfied, so I started to dive into SAP and ABAP coding in my own time. I implemented step by step WM/QM/PM modules and, because of our needs and my passion for programming, I started using ABAP to build small reports and applications. I wasn´t the top programmer, but I had a big advantage: I had extensive experience with both the user and developer sides of SAP. I´ve become the bridge between the two worlds, and that’s the foundation for this web site. The second source comes from my experience with plant management.Here I “met” the guru E.M Goldratt and his Theory of Constraints (and its applications OPT, TP, The Haystack syndrome, Necessary but not sufficient, etc…) I´m here to share my experiences, knowledge and issues. See my projects and what are my foundations.